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Certification at M-Guru

At M-Guru, our certification program isn't just a checkbox. It's a comprehensive journey adapted to shape you into a skilled tech professional. Designed with industry standards in mind, it combines detailed assessments and practical projects to train you with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Our certification signifies your commitment to continuous learning and prepares you for the dynamic tech landscape.

Certification Eligibility

  • Issued upon successful completion of assessments and projects as assigned by instructors.
  • Based on a scorecard system, contingent on satisfactory performance and consistent attendance.
  • Students will not be certified if they fail to score well or have a lack of attendance.
  • Certification Benefits
    • Lifetime validated certificates.
    • Recognized by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Comprehensive Course Policy Terms and Conditions

  • Any breach of rules will result in immediate termination without prior notice.
  • Students who receive Maestro's sponsorship and leave before the agreed term must be reimbursed for the course cost.

At M-guru, we are committed to your success. Join us and take the next step towards a rewarding career in technology!

Frequently Asked Questions

Certification is earned upon successful completion of assessments and projects assigned by instructors, based on a scorecard system based on satisfactory performance and consistent attendance.

Yes, our certification is designed to prepare you for success in the tech industry and is recognized as a mark of achievement within the field.

Depending on the policies of the specific course, retaking assessments may be possible. It's best to consult with your instructors or course administrators for clarification.

Please score well on assessments to receive certification. Satisfactory performance throughout the program is essential.

Certification is contingent on satisfactory performance and consistent attendance, as assessed through the scorecard system.